Awan Brother Caught And Arrested At Dulles Airport

An Awan Brother was arrested while he was trying to leave the country, according to many conservative news outlets, but the mainstream networks are covering up this story because it does not fit their Russian hacking narrative. The Awan Brothers could be very well be behind the so-called Russian leaks because they were the ones who actually controlled every technology product for many Democrats in Congress. The Awan Brothers are no laughing matter.

Democratic Member At Federal Election Commission Seeks To Investigate And Potentially Shutdown Conservative Media Websites

Ellen Weintraub plans to potentially target conservative media if she gets her way at the Federal Election Commission. We know she tried to do the same with Fox News and that now Trump is President she wants to re-open the matter again. Weintraub won’t give up.


Canada Passes Dangerous Law Regarding Gender Identity

Canada decided to pass a crazy and unwise law that could potentially jail people for not calling people by their appropriate pronouns. The law could criminalize free and open speech because a person who identifies as transgender might feel threatened by calling them he instead of her, her instead of he, and or he/she instead of ze. It is a crazy and dangerous law because the Leftists want to take away your freedom of speech and freedom of expression, as they do not like the traditional values that western society was built upon.

Political Left Falsely Labels GOP Healthcare Bill As A Tax Cut For The Wealthy

The Democrats and the Leftists in Congress keep on falsely saying that the GOP healthcare bill is a tax cut for the wealthy. The GOP healthcare bill is meant to repeal the bad Affordable Care Act law passed by Democrats and signed into law by Obama. But, when you hear the Democrats and Leftists in Congress complain, they say that they want to help fix Obamacare, if the Republicans and Conservatives stop repealing it. You heard it right, the Democrats and Leftists in Congress do not want to repeal it, and they are only willing to work with Republicans and Conservatives if the repeal efforts stop. You see, that is obstruction, as the Democrats and Leftists know it is a bad law but they don’t want to replace it with something better. Instead, the Democrats and Leftists want a single-payer system.

Democrats and Leftists believe Obamacare is a good law but they are clearly delusional because it has increased premiums and more insurance companies have bailed out of the health insurance market in many cities and states. Some cities and or states only have about one insurer making it a single-payer system, and since that is the case in some markets, Americans don’t have a choice.

Nancy Pelosi Thinks Democrats Are Winning The Fight Against Republicans

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, when the Senate Republicans released a draft bill to replace Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi decided to attack it as a tax bill in disguise. Remember, this is the same person who said we need to pass it so we can know what is in the bill. But, Obamacare is and remains a disaster, and so any measure to replace it by the Republicans will result in the Left attacking the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi also stated she was some type of master legislator, which is amusing and comical at best, since her legislation is nothing but government overreach. Former house speaker Pelosi also stated that the Democrats are narrowing the gap, and her claim is from the gap during the special elections. Pelosi believes that the gap is narrowing that the Democrats are actually winning and that they will actually win in 2018 and 2020. Pelosi is delusional, as the only reason why the gap was narrowed was due to socialists, communists, Marxists, and supporters of big government voting in the special elections by voting for the big government Democrats.

Leftist Media Under Report Actual Election Results In Georgia 6th Congressional District

During the night of the Georgia special election, CNN and MSNBC decided to delay the real actual results. Nate Silver’s five thirty-eight blog decided to show the actual results as they come in. We don’t know why CNN and MSNBC decided to delay the actual results. However, it could be determined that a possibility was because they wanted Jon Ossoff to win the election to replace Tom Price. The Leftist Media does not like Republicans or Conservatives, and so they decide to attack them for not supporting an open border society and illegal immigration.

More Russian Collusion Fake News From The Left

The Russian collusion fake news narrative will never end. This time the narrative was brought up again by Senator Angus King of Maine who says the Senate is only 20% into the so called Russian collusion narrative. And Senator Marco Rubio is not helping either. There is no Russian collusion and there never has been. This Russian collusion story is a fake narrative put up by the Left because their candidate lost the election

Democrats And Leftists Call For Gun Control Again After Another Shooting

Democrats and Leftists have called for gun control yet again after a sharpshooter decided to shoot Republicans and law enforcement officials during baseball practice for an upcoming Congressional baseball game. One of the first people to call for gun control is Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who made up a false claim that 93 million people a day are lost to gun violence. Only one member of Congress, Steve Scalise, was shot. Three other people were shot, as well as the gun man, which includes two law enforcement officials and a congressional staffer.

The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson who was a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter and has now been confirmed dead according to the Daily Caller and President Donald Trump. Now the Leftists will attempt to politicize anything, and they are calling to take away your right to bear arms again. The Democrats seem to think that gun control is always the answer, but the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the bill of the rights of the constitution.

Here you have Leftist people on twitter calling for gun control,

Gunman’s Facebook Page


Leftist Member of House of Representatives Drafts Articles of Impeachment

Leftist politician Brad Sherman (D-CA) has drafted an articles of impeachment based upon false and disproved evidence regarding the fake Russian collusion and interference narrative. As we all know, the Leftist politicians and the many of the Leftists will push for impeachment even though there is no evidence of wrongdoing. As we also know, the Leftists have already lost their narrative regarding Russia, so they want to do something else. The Leftists will never give up, as they seek to obstruct everything.

Drafted Articles of Impeachment

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