Nancy Pelosi Thinks Democrats Are Winning The Fight Against Republicans

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, when the Senate Republicans released a draft bill to replace Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi decided to attack it as a tax bill in disguise. Remember, this is the same person who said we need to pass it so we can know what is in the bill. But, Obamacare is and remains a disaster, and so any measure to replace it by the Republicans will result in the Left attacking the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi also stated she was some type of master legislator, which is amusing and comical at best, since her legislation is nothing but government overreach. Former house speaker Pelosi also stated that the Democrats are narrowing the gap, and her claim is from the gap during the special elections. Pelosi believes that the gap is narrowing that the Democrats are actually winning and that they will actually win in 2018 and 2020. Pelosi is delusional, as the only reason why the gap was narrowed was due to socialists, communists, Marxists, and supporters of big government voting in the special elections by voting for the big government Democrats.

Leftist Media Under Report Actual Election Results In Georgia 6th Congressional District

During the night of the Georgia special election, CNN and MSNBC decided to delay the real actual results. Nate Silver’s five thirty-eight blog decided to show the actual results as they come in. We don’t know why CNN and MSNBC decided to delay the actual results. However, it could be determined that a possibility was because they wanted Jon Ossoff to win the election to replace Tom Price. The Leftist Media does not like Republicans or Conservatives, and so they decide to attack them for not supporting an open border society and illegal immigration.

More Russian Collusion Fake News From The Left

The Russian collusion fake news narrative will never end. This time the narrative was brought up again by Senator Angus King of Maine who says the Senate is only 20% into the so called Russian collusion narrative. And Senator Marco Rubio is not helping either. There is no Russian collusion and there never has been. This Russian collusion story is a fake narrative put up by the Left because their candidate lost the election

Democrats And Leftists Call For Gun Control Again After Another Shooting

Democrats and Leftists have called for gun control yet again after a sharpshooter decided to shoot Republicans and law enforcement officials during baseball practice for an upcoming Congressional baseball game. One of the first people to call for gun control is Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who made up a false claim that 93 million people a day are lost to gun violence. Only one member of Congress, Steve Scalise, was shot. Three other people were shot, as well as the gun man, which includes two law enforcement officials and a congressional staffer.

The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson who was a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter and has now been confirmed dead according to the Daily Caller and President Donald Trump. Now the Leftists will attempt to politicize anything, and they are calling to take away your right to bear arms again. The Democrats seem to think that gun control is always the answer, but the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the bill of the rights of the constitution.

Here you have Leftist people on twitter calling for gun control,

Gunman’s Facebook Page


Leftist Member of House of Representatives Drafts Articles of Impeachment

Leftist politician Brad Sherman (D-CA) has drafted an articles of impeachment based upon false and disproved evidence regarding the fake Russian collusion and interference narrative. As we all know, the Leftist politicians and the many of the Leftists will push for impeachment even though there is no evidence of wrongdoing. As we also know, the Leftists have already lost their narrative regarding Russia, so they want to do something else. The Leftists will never give up, as they seek to obstruct everything.

Drafted Articles of Impeachment

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Leftist 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Blocks Extreme Vetting Executive Order Again

The Far Left Anti-Constitution Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based in the communist, socialist, and Marxist state of California has decided to block Trump’s extreme vetting executive order yet again. We all knew this outcome would probably happen, as all three of those judges were appointed by Democrats. The Ninth Circuit even cited one of Trump’s tweet, but these judges and the rest of the Leftists do not understand the importance of national security and protecting the country from danger.

Now, the state of Hawaii has reportedly sent their court filing to the Supreme Court on Monday, June 12, 2017, which can be read here Hawaii asks Supreme Court to block Trump travel ban. Yet, it won’t surprise you as they don’t and never have supported the extreme vetting executive order. The Supreme Court might rule on the executive order as early as this week, and they also could reverse the decisions made by the appeals court. In other words, the Supreme Court would uphold the extreme vetting executive, thus, it will be enacted.

Puerto Rico

For the fifth time in its history the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico held a plebiscite to determine if the people wanted to become part of the United States of America. Now, the media will report that a staggering 97% voted to join the union by becoming the 51st state, but only 23% of the eligible voter population voted in the referendum. This vote is non-binding as Congress would have to determine if the island should become the 51st state. It is highly unlikely that Puerto Rico will become the 51st state, as Congress has more important things to do, but it is possible that it could become the 51st state in the future.

Let’s remember something, Puerto Rico is in too much debt and they will probably collapse financially if they don’t get their act together. Congress should pass legislation so that Puerto Rico and its population are not treated as a second-class territory and citizens of the United States of America. Puerto Rico and its people are already part of the United States of America and they should be treated the same as everyone else in the United States of America.

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Former FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey has complained about how former attorney general Loretta Lynch wanted to investigate the Clinton investigation, as Lynch only wanted the situation to be a matter and not a criminal investigation. As we know now and have always known, the Leftists under the Obama administration did not really want to investigate the Clinton scandal, as they were embarrassed about the situation. Lynch did not really want an investigation, as she believed nothing illegal and bad occurred. Lynch should have been impeached for not upholding the law and Comey should have resigned when Lynch referred to the Clinton criminal investigation as only a matter. In fact it was a matter, since there was really no criminal investigation being conducted. The criminal investigation was a sham, as the original intent of it was to cover up the crimes of Clinton by utilizing Leftists who don’t support the constitution and the bill of rights.

Anti-Sharia Law Protests

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, many of US cities held a march against Sharia Law. Now, the march against Sharia Law was organized to prevent and stop the spread of Sharia Law in the United States of America as well as to denounce every aspect of Sharia Law and what it stands for. However, that is not how the Left sees it, as they believe these rallies were Islamophobic and racist. You see, the Leftists who hate these marches against Sharia Law feel that Muslims and anyone who practices Islam are under attack. Muslims and people who practice Islam in the United States of America are not under attack. In fact, it is the Leftists who are attacking freedom and liberty as well as your pursuit of happiness, as the Leftists seek to destroy the bill of rights and the rest of the constitution.

So, what do you have here, well what you have here is that Leftists were actually protesting the marches against Sharia Law. Now, the Leftists won’t admit it, but what they are saying is that they support Sharia Law. Sharia Law has no place in the United States of America. Sharia Law should be outlawed in the United States of America. But, of course, you have these Leftists who want to replace the traditional founding principles and values of America with something that is incompatible with freedom and liberty. Let’s make it clear, the Leftists do not like the constitution and the bill of rights, so they want and seek to change the culture and law with something that represents oppression and suppression of freedom and liberty. That basically means the Leftists believe the founding and traditional cultures of America should be eliminated and replaced with something that supports radicalism, extremism, communism, socialism, and Marxism.

Of course, the Leftists have denounced the Anti-Sharia Law rallies and have called them anti-Islam and anti-Muslim, but the rallies are neither. The marches against Sharia Law were rallies to denounce that Sharia Law is incompatible with the constitution, the bill of rights, freedom, and liberty in the United States of America. The Leftists want to hide the truth.

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One Leaker By The Name Of Reality Winner Arrested For Leaking Classified Document

Some one by the name of Reality Leigh Winner decided to leak an NSA document to the Intercept. Reality Winner thinks she might be a winner, but she needs a reality check because she is not a winner. This person by the name of Reality does not really like President Trump, and as you can see below, Reality Winner tweeted under the pseudonym known as Sara Winners.  But before you try to decipher her name, why did Reality Winner decide to leak NSA documents? Well, the answer is because she hated Trump and believed him to be someone who is ineligible to be President. Now, let’s look at her name, and as you can she, her name is Reality Winner, but Reality Winner tweets under the name Sara Winners. Either this person changed her name to Reality Winner for some type of purpose or motive or it could be that she did not want to be known as Sara anymore. Whatever the reason is, if Sara is her actual birth name, then it is surely better than Reality. Reality Winner is a strange name.

And then it is revealed that Reality Winner supports the terrorist state of Iran,

What we have here is someone who thought she covered her crimes, but her leak did not even reveal anything new. Still, the Political Left still says it shows Russia attacking the election, but there is no support for this.