Awan Brother Caught And Arrested At Dulles Airport

An Awan Brother was arrested while he was trying to leave the country, according to many conservative news outlets, but the mainstream networks are covering up this story because it does not fit their Russian hacking narrative. The Awan Brothers could be very well be behind the so-called Russian leaks because they were the ones who actually controlled every technology product for many Democrats in Congress. The Awan Brothers are no laughing matter.

Media Matters Attacking Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity needs our help, as the George Soro’s funded Media Matters for America is attempting to target his advertisers. Remember, they did the same thing to Bill O’Reilly, and this time they want Hannity fired because they just don’t like conservatives and or Republicans, because they believe the media should only report a liberal-progressive, socialist, and communist ideology. This simply means that if you are a conservative media outlet like Fox News, then they will target them for promoting a different perspective. Media Matters is just a propaganda outlet that wants to discredit anyone who are conservative and or Republican.

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Tired of Hearing About ‘Fake News’? Help Us Take Down Media Matters for America

Media Matters must be stopped, as they are simply promoting hate and propaganda


Democrats Still Acting Crazy And Irrational

With the appointment of a special counsel, the Democrats think they have proof Russian collusion exists between Trump and his campaign with that of the Russian Government. Well, they should be scared, because the special counsel might go after Clinton and her cronies, who actually do have ties to Russia.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi still thinks there is a case against Trump and or Russia, but this is just a Far Left talking point and is also an excuse for not winning the 2016 elections. No proof exists of anything illegal, yet the Democrats and Far Left still do not care.

Story Developing….

Sanctuary Cities Will Receive Funding if Appeals Court Does Not Overturn Ruling

A leftist judge by the name of William H. Orrick III temporarily blocked President Trump’s executive order regarding funding for sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities as you know violate the law and the people in charge of them don’t care that they are breaking federal law. As you can see from his Wikipedia page, this judge has donated a lot of money to Obama. This is also the same judge who does not like the planned parenthood videos being released.

On Friday, July 31, 2015 Judge Orrick blocked the release of videos of Planned Parenthood, granting the injunction requested by the National Abortion Federation. According to the Public Citizen, a non-profit, consumer rights advocacy group, William H. Orrick III, who was employeed by Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, raised at least $200,000 for Barack Obama and donated $30,800 to committees supporting him.

Wikipedia Page: William Horsley Orrick III