Steve Bannon No Longer a Permanent Member of NSC

Steve Bannon, the Chief Strategist for the Trump Administration, is no longer a permanent member of the national security council. The reason why Bannon does not have a permanent role in the NSC anymore is because Flynn is no longer the national security adviser, according to media reports. Now, you think the media will applaud this decision, but they probably won’t, because Bannon still holds a position in the White House. The media is even trying to discredit what the White House actually did. Mean while, the leftists believe it is a good day, as they hate Trump, but they hate Bannon even more. The hate from the left is disgusting and offensive to the freedom of the United States of America and the constitution. The left only cares about themselves and no one else. If you say something to them and they don’t agree with it, then they will constantly attack you and claim you are a bigot, a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, and or sexist, for no valid or good reason. Their contempt is outrageous and childish.

Twitter users have claimed it is a good decision, but this is because they do not view Trump’s team as best for the country. They believe a socialist/communist like Bernie Sanders would be a better President; but in reality, Sanders would bankrupt the country by giving away free money, and to people who don’t really deserve it. Such vile contempt will not help heal the country, as many of the people who hate Trump did not actually vote and they never were even going to vote. Donald Trump did not divide the country. The people who actually divided the country were actually the leftists, because they like to claim everyone who does not agree with them are vile bigots.