Partisan Hacks At CNN Make False Claims About Sheriff David Clarke

The partisan hacks at CNN made news again, as their KFILE team decided to make a false claim that David Clarke plagiarized his master’s thesis by not following their standards. Do the partisan hacks at CNN’s KFILE even comprehend the plagiarism policy at the Naval Postgraduate School? I say no, because the school even admits that they change their policies frequently on plagiarism. In this modern age of computers and technology, the majority of academic work is analyzed through electronic databases. So, it seems that the KFILE team at CNN discredited their own reporting. So, in other words, the KFILE team at CNN has no proof that plagiarism ever occurred.


Fake News Propaganda People Spread Fake Sealed-Indictment Claim

Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch have reported stated that they received reports from “sources” that Trump is under a sealed indictment. Now, if you look at their history of their “reporting,” you will see that their accusations are 99.999% false at all times.

Do not believe anything that Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch say, as they are only reporting fake news.

Fake News, as Chaffetz did not resign, as he is still in Congress.

More Fake News,

Let’s get one thing straight, the FISA court does not issue indictments, as their prime objective is to issue search warrants to investigate national security concerns. Furthermore, no grand juries can convene at the FISA court, as everything is classified; so it seems any private citizen would be arrested just for going to the FISA court for trespassing, or you would need to be licensed and or authorized to practice in front of the FISA court.


No, Claude Taylor and company are not reputable sources on Trump-Russia

Another Fake Hate Crime

Remember when that church was vandalized in Indiana and the Far Left and Democrats all blamed that action on Trump voters, well the person who committed that act was finally arrested and charged with a crime. The suspect was actually the church organist, who claims he committed the act because he was scared and he wanted other people to be scared with him. He is reportedly a gay man, and he felt afraid of the Trump administration. The police questioned him when the suspect was confronted with evidence of cellphone pings showing his device was near the church at the time.

According to Reports, Nathan Stang, an organist at the church, is the suspect who committed the “hate crime.”

A statement on the church’s website  was released saying, “Nathan is a member of our St. David’s family and naturally there is a certain amount of betrayal with this act.”

Indiana church vandalized with slurs


‘Heil Trump’ church graffiti was ‘false flag’

Church organist arrested in post-election vandalism at Episcopal congregation in Indiana

Well, this news should not be new to anyone, because so far, all of these alleged hate crimes that the Democrats and Far Left keep on saying was committed against the minority communities were actually committed by Anti-Trump people. And one time, it was a Jewish American-Israeli who committed the hate crimes alleged. He wanted to mobilize a movement because of some sort of fear being intended. Well, he was either afraid or he did not want to accept the outcome of the election. But, if he was afraid, well he based his claim to form his movement on a false pretense. A highly charged political climate is a sad attempt of an excuse to give as an official statement, but the majority of the divisiveness is coming and originating from the Democrats and the Far Left, as they only believe in freedom of speech and expression if you agree with their political views.

Opposing views, and the Political Left will label you as a racist, xenophobe, sexist, misogynist, and other political slurs. At least he accepted responsibility for his actions.




The Alt-Left Found Their Next Target

The Alt-Left Democrats believe they found their next target to go after in the Trump Administration. This time it is Sebastian Gorka they are after, and all of these Alt-Left Democrats are making up lies and falsehoods. It is a common tactic for the people who align themselves on the Alt-Left to start calling people they don’t like anti-Semitic, bigots, racist, homophobic, racist, sexist, and xenophobic. Since the Alt-Left has nothing better to do and they always have to facts to support their claims as well as not liking the policies, the Alt-Left has nothing better else to do but to resort to political name calling. reports Sebastian Gorka has been constantly attacked by Democrats and other Anti-Trumpers because they fail to accept the election results.

Further, these alleged claims by the Democrats can be deemed as false and defamation of character to Gorka, as it is an actual witch hunt:

European Union commissioner Tibor Navracsic has evidence proving the opposite. He’s known Gorka for years and recently defended his record in The Hill.

So, here we have here a bunch of Alt-Left politicians who do not like political views of other people. Further, they know that Sebastian Gorka is good at his job, and they hate that. At the same time, the Alt-Left and the rest of the Far Left Democratic Party are having a mental breakdown because they lack leadership and all they can do is obstruct.

Sebastian Gorka is Not a Nazi

Clueless Media Believe They Know What Happened In Syria

The Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, reported that people who questioned the entities and or individuals behind the chemical attack in Syria are “sick trolls.” Lumping everyone into one group is not only offensive, it is also wrong and inconsiderate. The media claims no deep state exists. Let me remind you that anyone can be part of the deep state. The deep state can be any one who wants to undermine Trump and to secretly control the government. Essentially, the deep state exists, as it always makes an attempt to sabotage the role of the government. At the same time, the deep state can be members of any intelligence agencies, but sometimes the members of the deep state can also be terrorists. Now, we are not saying that the terrorists and the members of the intelligence agencies are in the same category; but we are saying that the terrorists could actually be part of the deep state. The deep state knows propaganda very well, and the media wants to dismiss this narrative of a deep state being in existence, because it is not part of their programming for people to watch.

Sick trolls claim Syria gas massacre was a ‘deep state’ false flag operation designed to trick Donald Trump into war with Assad

False Flag in Syria

There are now reports that the chemical weapons attack in Syria is a false flag, as it was actually committed by the rebels (terrorists) who hate Assad. Below is possible evidence that an alleged anti-Assad journalist knew an attack was going to occur. We can’t confirm it, but we believe it is most likely true, as the neocons in D.C. want to intervene everywhere, meaning they never learned their lesson.

Now here is the twitter handle of the actual reporter who posted it first. It seems that the translation amounts to this, “Tomorrow the start of a media campaign to cover the intensity of air raids on the countryside Hama # and use Alklor_acomm  against civilians. # Rev_hamah_ihtrq”

Now the question is, how did this reporter know beforehand of what was going to occur, and I would say he is possibly embedded with those “moderate Syrian rebels who claim to not be terrorists.” We all know that there are no moderate Syrian rebels, as they all seek the demise of Assad, since they want to control Syria in a ruthless and very dangerous manner. The Neocons in DC want you to think it is Assad so that they can launch their continued campaign to intervene in as many countries as possible that seem to be in turmoil. The terrorists in the region like this notion from the neocons, as they can now blame their mortal enemy (Assad and his government) as the patsies.

And now, there is evidence that John Kerry actually confirmed Syria has no access to chemical weapons anymore. The deep state is growing, and it must end. So, this tells us that terrorists actually conducted the chemical attack, but the media does not really want to report that.