More Evidence That the Left and Radical Media Matters Attacked the Advertisers of the O’Reilly Factor

The Blaze and the Gateway Pundit reports that a Democratic-affiliated group is responsible for attacking the advertisers during what used to be Bill O’Reilly’s time slot at Fox News Channel. This group has ties to the radical misinformation machine “Media Matters (for America),” a rather misnomer that spews hatred on everything conservative. A possible smear campaign, well it has worked before, but conservatives and republicans must hold those leftists who support these types of attacks accountable and responsible for their actions. This is nothing new by the left, as they are only tolerant of their views. If you have a different opinion, they start to call you names, and this name calling has started to increase ever since Obama was elected. George Soros and his radical leftists (and his funded groups) must be stopped, because they continue to spew hate and a false misinformation campaign about conservatives, republicans, and libertarians alike. George Soros has continued to violate the law around the world because he wants to control it.

Document suggests Media Matters is behind O’Reilly advertiser exodus

Leaked Email Shows George Soros’ MEDIA MATTERS Orchestrated O’Reilly Smear Campaign


Clueless Media Believe They Know What Happened In Syria

The Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, reported that people who questioned the entities and or individuals behind the chemical attack in Syria are “sick trolls.” Lumping everyone into one group is not only offensive, it is also wrong and inconsiderate. The media claims no deep state exists. Let me remind you that anyone can be part of the deep state. The deep state can be any one who wants to undermine Trump and to secretly control the government. Essentially, the deep state exists, as it always makes an attempt to sabotage the role of the government. At the same time, the deep state can be members of any intelligence agencies, but sometimes the members of the deep state can also be terrorists. Now, we are not saying that the terrorists and the members of the intelligence agencies are in the same category; but we are saying that the terrorists could actually be part of the deep state. The deep state knows propaganda very well, and the media wants to dismiss this narrative of a deep state being in existence, because it is not part of their programming for people to watch.

Sick trolls claim Syria gas massacre was a ‘deep state’ false flag operation designed to trick Donald Trump into war with Assad

False Flag in Syria

There are now reports that the chemical weapons attack in Syria is a false flag, as it was actually committed by the rebels (terrorists) who hate Assad. Below is possible evidence that an alleged anti-Assad journalist knew an attack was going to occur. We can’t confirm it, but we believe it is most likely true, as the neocons in D.C. want to intervene everywhere, meaning they never learned their lesson.

Now here is the twitter handle of the actual reporter who posted it first. It seems that the translation amounts to this, “Tomorrow the start of a media campaign to cover the intensity of air raids on the countryside Hama # and use Alklor_acomm  against civilians. # Rev_hamah_ihtrq”

Now the question is, how did this reporter know beforehand of what was going to occur, and I would say he is possibly embedded with those “moderate Syrian rebels who claim to not be terrorists.” We all know that there are no moderate Syrian rebels, as they all seek the demise of Assad, since they want to control Syria in a ruthless and very dangerous manner. The Neocons in DC want you to think it is Assad so that they can launch their continued campaign to intervene in as many countries as possible that seem to be in turmoil. The terrorists in the region like this notion from the neocons, as they can now blame their mortal enemy (Assad and his government) as the patsies.

And now, there is evidence that John Kerry actually confirmed Syria has no access to chemical weapons anymore. The deep state is growing, and it must end. So, this tells us that terrorists actually conducted the chemical attack, but the media does not really want to report that.