Leftist Media Possibly Afraid About North Korean Tensions

The leftist media outlets are now afraid about what Trump stated about North Korea. CNN anchor Don Lemon had a breaking news banner with the words “Major Conflict With North Korea Possible.” Now, let’s look at this statement closely. North Korea believes they can destroy the United States of America with their nuclear missile program, but their missiles still do not make it, since they somehow always blow up in midair or fall to the ocean. North Korea thinks they can destroy the United States of America, South Korea, and anyone else, but this is just all propaganda. The United States of America, China, South Korea, and those countries in the  east Asian region know that North Korea is still far away from developing a successful missile program. The question is how far away is it, but they could be close because of failures. As they figure out the cause of the failures, then they will most likely have less failures, and will potentially find a way to get rid of all failures. Getting rid of all failures would possibly take years, but no one knows how long.

The thing about North Korea is that they should be taken seriously, as well as their threats, but most of the time, their threats can be described as comical at best because they are over-exaggerating their potential. Sure, North Korea has many people in their military, but many and most of the North Koreans believe in the propaganda, so what else is new. If there is to be a major conflict with North Korea, that is good, because the North Koreans will lose that war with the United States of America, China, South Korea, and any other allies. North Korea might have weapons that could reach South Korea or China, but they would most likely be destroyed after they are launched. No one should be afraid of North Korea, because their propaganda is hilarious, but also because they can and should be defeated.

While some believe that North Korea should be reunited with South Korea in order to form one country, I believe that is a potential mistake. If North Korea is destroyed (their dear leader is deposed by whatever means, their military is disbanded, and their country is no longer under the control of irrational leaders), then there should be fair and free elections. North Korea should become a free and democratic country, such as a constitutional (federal) republic. By doing this, North Koreans will be able to have their freedom that they deserve. The North Koreans will be able to travel wherever they want to, and it is a possibility that sanctions will be lifted, and this will lead to more tourism and a better economy. The problem is that of China, since many North Koreans might flee once their country falls.

North Korean Missile Test Failed Again

The crazy leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, decided to yet again launch another missile, but it failed again. We do not know what the “dear leader” was thinking, but I believe he knew it would fail because he just wanted to make the missile launch a show to the rest of the world. The “dear leader” just wants everyone to know that he and his country are getting closer to developing a missile that is capable of destroying the world, at least as what the government officials of the DPRK believe. This is the second time this month that North Korea had a failed missile test, and some say they are getting better. It was expected that this missile test would fail because the North Korean government probably does not know what they are doing. This missile did not even last, and I believe the previous launch was more of a success because it failed and landed in the ocean. However, it should be noted that both failed missile tests this month, while a failure, could mean that the North Korean government is actually closer to actually launching a successful missile test. The failures could be due to the weight and the material and or the type of fuel used, but it could also be due to sabotage/electronic problems.

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Sanctions will never deter North Korea, as they believe they are the best in the world, only because the populace believe all of the dear leaders were born as a deity.