North Korean Missile Test Failed Again

The crazy leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, decided to yet again launch another missile, but it failed again. We do not know what the “dear leader” was thinking, but I believe he knew it would fail because he just wanted to make the missile launch a show to the rest of the world. The “dear leader” just wants everyone to know that he and his country are getting closer to developing a missile that is capable of destroying the world, at least as what the government officials of the DPRK believe. This is the second time this month that North Korea had a failed missile test, and some say they are getting better. It was expected that this missile test would fail because the North Korean government probably does not know what they are doing. This missile did not even last, and I believe the previous launch was more of a success because it failed and landed in the ocean. However, it should be noted that both failed missile tests this month, while a failure, could mean that the North Korean government is actually closer to actually launching a successful missile test. The failures could be due to the weight and the material and or the type of fuel used, but it could also be due to sabotage/electronic problems.

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Sanctions will never deter North Korea, as they believe they are the best in the world, only because the populace believe all of the dear leaders were born as a deity.