Leftist Delegate Attacks People Who Oppose FATCA

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, a delegate of the House of Representatives to DC, attacked witnesses who support the repeal of FATCA. Of course, Democrats believe that FATCA is a great law, since they think everyone is a tax cheat. It is also not surprising that Democrats believe FATCA should be modified, as they always modifying an existing law will make it more effective, but this is their same thinking as Obama Care. The Democrats believe that the Affordable Care Act is an excellent law, even though it has already failed. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton starts speaking around 2 hours and thirty minutes into the testimony, including the recess sessions. The Democrats seem to fail that FATCA must be repealed, as it is an extremely bad law. Americans who already live and work overseas must already report their income due to something known as FBAR, another bad law that must be repealed. Democrats will never understand this tax situation, as they believe it is a necessary good in order to help the government.