Political Left Falsely Labels GOP Healthcare Bill As A Tax Cut For The Wealthy

The Democrats and the Leftists in Congress keep on falsely saying that the GOP healthcare bill is a tax cut for the wealthy. The GOP healthcare bill is meant to repeal the bad Affordable Care Act law passed by Democrats and signed into law by Obama. But, when you hear the Democrats and Leftists in Congress complain, they say that they want to help fix Obamacare, if the Republicans and Conservatives stop repealing it. You heard it right, the Democrats and Leftists in Congress do not want to repeal it, and they are only willing to work with Republicans and Conservatives if the repeal efforts stop. You see, that is obstruction, as the Democrats and Leftists know it is a bad law but they don’t want to replace it with something better. Instead, the Democrats and Leftists want a single-payer system.

Democrats and Leftists believe Obamacare is a good law but they are clearly delusional because it has increased premiums and more insurance companies have bailed out of the health insurance market in many cities and states. Some cities and or states only have about one insurer making it a single-payer system, and since that is the case in some markets, Americans don’t have a choice.

Anti-Trump Attorney General Challenges American Health Care Act as Unconstitutional

The New York Post reports that Far Left attorney general Eric Schneiderman believes the current proposal to repeal Obama Care is unconstitutional, as he and every other single Democrat and member of the Far Left wants it to be a right. The Anti-Trump, anti-freedom attorney general of New York calls the repeal and replacement of Obama Care unconstitutional. He also states that planned parenthood would be harmed, but healthcare is not a right, it is a privilege.

“It’s an effort to kill off Planned Parenthood, which would impose an undue burden on women’s Constitutionally-protected rights,” he said.


Well, nothing new to see here folks, as this attorney general has a strong distaste for Trump. Clueless, he has nothing better to do than sue. The New York attorney general is the opposition. Everything that Trump does will be challenged by the Political Left, because they openly despise him and anything that he does. Planned Parenthood should not be given any funding, because they are committing illegal acts.

Further, the fact of the matter is that the Democrats and the Far Left openly support the murder of a baby, because a fetus is actually a biological being, since it is feeding off of the mother. But, they claim that a fetus is not human yet because it was not born. Well, that narrative is wrong, as everything about a fetus is equal to life. In other words, a fetus is alive, living, and is considered a human.

Schneiderman calls ObamaCare repeal ‘unconstitutional,’ plans lawsuit

The Repeated False Narratives Claimed by the Far Left, the Democrats, and the Anti-Trump Media Regarding the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

By now you have repeatedly heard that the passage of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives will lead to pre-existing conditions being excluded, but this is a false narrative, as they want to spin their narrative that Obama Care is great and is not imploding. In fact, this is not a new tactic from the Far Left, as they continue to lie about Obama Care, but their real goal is to increase the deficit because they want an unlimited amount of money to spend on everything, including healthcare and taxes. However, the Far Left and the Democrats believe that raising taxes will lead to additional and a great increase in revenue, but that money won’t be use to pay down the debt. Not only that, but Obama Care is a tax because of mandated insurance coverage, and the actual tax is the penalty, which is unconstitutional because you can’t force people in the United States of America to buy a product they don’t want. If the Democrats and Far Left want their single-payer health system so badly, then they should consider paying off the national debt debt to zero.

Specifically, Townhall.com points out the fallacies by the Far Left and the Democrats who hate the AHCA, by pointing out four different layers of protections.

It seems the Democrats and the Far Left has a tendency to lie, as they can’t handle their election loss to Trump. The excuse by the Democrats and the Far Left for saying the AHCA is a terrible, dangerous, and bad bill is because they support socialism and possibly communism, but they also believe the Affordable Care Act is actually working. As we already know, premiums are skyrocketing in many states due to Obama Care, but the Democrats and Far Left seem to not care about this. However, while Obama Care is imploding, the Republicans are putting together a better bill that should become law in a matter of months.

Fact Check: It’s a Lie That the GOP Healthcare Bill Abandons People With Pre-Existing Conditions

National Debt Clock

Democrats And Far Left Keep Lying About Healthcare

The Democrats and the radical far left are falsely claiming that millions will lose their healthcare coverage. well that claim is and has always been a lie. Let’s go back to the claim that “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” claim, which was one of the first initial lies of healthcare reform. In fact, another initial lie was “we need to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it.” Well, it seems that the Democrats like to lie that that each legislation that they only support are the best for the people of the United States of America. At the same time, the left supports a big government and big government regulation that controls everyone because they believe government is good for everyone. Supporting big government is dangerous and unsafe because it supports big brother, a police state, government regulation off the rails, and higher taxes on everyone.

Now, let’s see the details of why they support Obamacare. The reason why the Democrats and the Far Left support the Obama Care law is that it only supports their agenda, the government being involved in everyone’s lives. Obama Care made it mandatory for all people to purchase insurance if they qualified for it and have a job, if it wasn’t already offered, but forcing people to buy such a product in this country is unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional because no one can force you what to buy. Adding a penalty is even worse, because now it demands people pay a fine if they cannot or chose not to purchase such a product. So, how does this all pan out, well, it is clear, it is a violation of the law, as not everyone wants nor needs health insurance coverage.

The other false and proven lies from the Democrats and the Far Left is that the repeal of Obama Care will hurt millions of Americans, but this is just a lie. The Congressional Budget Office states that millions of American’s won’t have health insurance coverage, well when health insurance is made optional not everyone will purchase such a product. The lies and falsehoods provided by the Democrats and the Far Left make them look clueless and out of touch with the American people. The Democrats and the Far Left know that the Obama Care law is going to explode as well as it being already a disaster, but they refuse to acknowledge that information.

Now, this Health Care bill is not perfect, and it will likely be amended more once it arrives in the Senate. Hopefully, Senator Rand Paul and any other Republican senators would be able to amend the house bill comprehensively. In fact, this house bill should be amended comprehensively in the Senate, so it will be better, but even though better amendments are added, the Democrats and Far Left will continue to oppose everything. The problem in the Senate is the reconciliation process because of draconian rules, but the Senate can have those rules overturned by bringing in Mike Pence.

The Democrats and Far Left are doing all they can to lie and tell propaganda to the American public, as they continue to claim it will harm people, but they will never learn.