How To Solve A Crime

Recently, the Far Left Media and the Political Left continue to spew the fake news conspiracy theory that Russia was involved in hacking with the 2016 Presidential election to get Trump elected as President. Now, even Democrats admit no evidence exists that Russia colluded or was involve with the meddling of the 2016 elections. Yet, the partisan hacks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC still believe that somehow Trump colluded with Russia so that Clinton would lose. There is no evidence of Russians meddling with the voting machines or hacking anything related to the 2016 elections.

The DNC and the RNC are not the governing bodies who are responsible for sponsoring the elections. No, because the parties that are responsible for sponsoring the elections are the individual states and their local municipalities. Even though when presented with evidence that Russia was most likely not involved in messing with the election, the Far Left still says other wise, even though the Russian narrative has been debunked by Obama appointees. Nevertheless, the Far Left still continues with this fake Russian narrative, only because of what Crowd Strike said. Remember folks, the FBI was not allowed to investigate the DNC computers because the DNC was confident it was Russia.

So, where does that leave us, well the DNC emails that ended up on Wikileaks was probably an inside job. Let’s remember there were four types of data and security breaches that could be due to hacking and or leaking of the information.

  1. Democratic Caucus Leaks
  2. Democratic National Committee Leaks
  3. The Podesta Emails
  4. Clinton Foundation

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Now, there is no evidence that Russia was involved in all three of these data breaches, but the Far Left still wants to pin everything on Russia because their candidate lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump. Yet, when you say Seth Rich could have been involved as a leaker, you will get shut down or censored by the Far Left media and partisan hacks, as they believe Russia was responsible for everything, and they call you a conspiracy theorist. Well, here is something wrong with that: there is no evidence of Russian meddling, collusion, or interference in the 2016 Presidential election but they still keep on pushing it. Even if the Russians tried to interfere it did not work, but now they also blame RT or Russia Today, which is financed by Putin, yet many of the hosts on that channel are liberals who only want to get to the bottom of things. Some of the reporters and contributors even have a Far Left understanding of the constitution. So, in reality, Russia Today and Russia did not really do anything to get Trump elected, but it is well-known they probably hate Clinton, yet if Clinton won the election Putin would have no problem with Clinton being the president. Read Here About Russia Today

And now, that gets us to the main story of how to solve a crime:

  1. Gather all relevant information
  2. Interview possible witnesses, persons of interests, and or suspects and confront them with the information and or   evidence gathered from phase 1
  3. Conduct re-enactments if necessary
  4. Develop theories and or opinions of what might have happened or occurred
  5. Interview people again and confront them with new information
  6. Attempt to solve the crime by including all evidence and relevant information, including from suspects, persons of     interests, and witnesses, as well as possible theories of what might have occurred and any possible motives

Now, it is that step that involves the development of theories of what might have occurred that gets the Far Left media and partisan hacks angry at when you want to solve the Seth Rich murder. The reason the Political Left gets angry at you and wants to shut you down is because they want to blame Russia and they hate Trump. No evidence exists that Russia got Trump elected, and yet the Political Left still wants to blame Russia. The Russian narrative is an actual conspiracy theory because no evidence exists, but the media and the Political Left wants you to believe that Russia was involved because they want to impeach Trump and because their candidate lost. Without including all relevant theories, you won’t be able to solve a crime.

So, if trying to solve a murder by trying to include all possible and relevant information, including potential or alternative leads is considered a conspiracy theory, then what is the hope and or reason for solving a crime? In order to solve this murder of Seth Rich, we must look at the possibility of Seth Rich being a leaker to Wikileaks. All leads must be explored.

Morning Joe Attacks Sean Hannity For Wanting To Investigate Seth Rich Murder

The people on Morning Joe still claim that wanting to investigate the death of Seth Rich is a conspiracy theory if it might lead his death being connected to his work at the DNC. Now, they want you to believe that it was a botched robbery, but the only thing that was damaged was the wrist strap got in the way. Maybe the watch got in the way of the killers. We will never know what happened, but it looks like someone is trying to cover something up. It is not a disgrace to want to get to the bottom of the death. We need to find out, and so far, if you want to say it was not Russia then you are attacked.

For instance, a congressman who appeared on CNN wanted to know more about the death of Seth Rich, and the reporters attacked him for that because they want to still accept that Russia was the hacker. Well, no one knows if Russia hacked the DNC, as the FBI was not allowed to investigate the computers. In all likelihood, Russia was probably not the ones who leaked the emails, but the media wants you to believe in their conspiracy theory: Russia stole and hacked the elections. The Left-Wing Media thinks the Seth Rich Story was debunked, but it was never debunked, as the only reason they say it was debunked is because they say it is and they want to blame 2016 election loss of Clinton on Russia.

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Media Matters Attacking Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity needs our help, as the George Soro’s funded Media Matters for America is attempting to target his advertisers. Remember, they did the same thing to Bill O’Reilly, and this time they want Hannity fired because they just don’t like conservatives and or Republicans, because they believe the media should only report a liberal-progressive, socialist, and communist ideology. This simply means that if you are a conservative media outlet like Fox News, then they will target them for promoting a different perspective. Media Matters is just a propaganda outlet that wants to discredit anyone who are conservative and or Republican.

To learn more about Media Matters, go here

Tired of Hearing About ‘Fake News’? Help Us Take Down Media Matters for America

Media Matters must be stopped, as they are simply promoting hate and propaganda


Leftist Media Claims Rod Wheeler Story Investigating Seth Rich Murder Has Fallen Apart Without Offering Any Proof

Leftist media outlets claim that Rod Wheeler’s narrative into the Seth Rich murder investigation has fallen or is falling apart. Now, these Leftist outlets claim that Rod Wheeler has not seen any direct evidence, and while he stated he admitted has no direct or actual evidence to show, his information came from an anonymous source within the law enforcement community. Wheeler has no idea where the computer is located, and he believes nobody wants to find the truth. In fact, I believe Rod Wheeler’s investigation is being sabotaged by some insider at the DNC or from somewhere else, as stated here Private eye: DNC poking nose into Seth Rich murder. Now, the Leftist media will attempt to discredit anything, but they probably don’t want to find out the truth and would rather blame the “hacking” on Russia.

Outlets such as Media Matters, which is funded by George Soros, has lost all of their credibility, as they continue to attack conservatives and Republicans. Media Matters claims that it is a conspiracy theory that Seth Rich was murdered because he (Seth Rich) was leaking documents to Wikileaks Sean Hannity Pushes Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory Even After Story Falls Apart, claiming that the story has already fallen apart. Well, here is something to tell Media Matters and other Leftist media outlets, the inquiry into who murdered Seth Rich is going nowhere. They know that to be true and they don’t want to admit that the investigation is going nowhere. Even the comments are hate-filled on Media Matters. So, what have we here, a bunch of Alt-Left people who don’t want to accept the truth.

We need to find out the truth on who murdered Seth Rich and why he was targeted. Yet, the Democrats and the Far Left don’t want to look into that, as they are preoccupied into the “Russia Investigation.” The Democrats and the Far Left do not want to accept the fact that Seth Rich could have been murdered because he allegedly sent documents to Wikileaks. No, instead the Democrats and the Far Left want to keep saying it is a botched robbery when nothing went missing from Seth Rich’s wallet. Well, what we have is evidence of two “suspects” on a grainy video Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report, which means that we potentially know who murdered Mr. Rich, but no one can seem to find these two suspects.

So, what now, well we clearly know that Seth Rich heard someone talking in the background when he was still talking to his girlfriend Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report, but we do not know who were those voices, even if they were caught on camera. Could be the the same voices that were caught on camera? Was Seth Rich’s murder orchestrated from the beginning, and if so, who ordered the hit? We will probably never know the answers to these questions because the family and the Leftist Media claim the new evidence is a conspiracy theory, when really the investigation is going nowhere.

Who Killed Seth Rich, and Will We Ever Know?

On the Sean Hannity Show, Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired to investigate the death of Seth Rich, told Hannity that Seth Rich had problems with another staffer at work. Now, this staffer allegedly called the family of Seth Rich when he found out Rod Wheeler was investigating how Seth Rich died. To clarify, it seems that Rod Wheeler had a feeling something suspicious is happening, because no one knows where the alleged computer is located. Wheeler also stated that a source told him that the manner of probing the death of Seth Rich was not to be further investigated, or something like that.

Now, the family still maintains that Seth Rich was murdered in a botched robbery that they do not want to connect with his work at the DNC, but it seems that doesn’t make sense at all. The issue that does not make sense was that Seth Rich was murdered and that it was a botched robbery. Well, the fact points to the matter that Seth was in fact murdered. But, since Seth Rich was murdered, was it actually a botched robbery or a robbery that went wrong, such as in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? In the movie, actor Judge Reinhold looks scared for his life because he does not know what to do, and so he panics, but then he turns on the robber and then the getaway car escapes, which leaves the robber to fend for himself and Reinhold becoming a manager at the convenience store. So, what do we know about the botched robbery in the Seth Rich case. In the Seth Rich case, we know that he was gunned down, but by who?

The reason why we don’t know who killed Seth Rich is because it could be a cover up. Now, if this was indeed a botched robbery, why was nothing missing in Seth Rich’s wallet. Well, in a true botched robbery, Seth Rich would be robbed of his valuable items, but in this case, everything is left where it was. Now, the motive in the killing is that somebody could have wanted Seth Rich dead, but who? The Seth Rich botched robbery murder story seems fishy, and it needs to be investigated. Seth Rich could have be the victim of a botched robbery, but why not take his wallet once he was murdered, well it could be due to the fact that the murderer did not really want to take any valuable items from Seth Rich. It could be that the true intention of the murder was just to kill Seth Rich himself.

We will never know who killed Seth Rich or if it was a botched robbery from the beginning. This murder or alleged botched robbery could be a hit on Seth Rich himself because some one did not like him or because some one knew what Seth might have been disclosing to Wikileaks, if he in fact disclosed information to Wikileaks. Now, the Far Left media will attempt to call this a conspiracy theory, but they want to call it that because they like to blame Russia for Clinton losing the election. The family also calls it a conspiracy theory, but they might also be pawns of the Far Left and Democratic Party. It seems likely someone is doing and or engaging in a cover up, because the facts being presented by the media do not matched that of a botched robbery, as it looks like it was orchestrated from the beginning. Whoever killed Seth Rich, they probably knew that Mr. Rich had to be alone for the job to get done, and behold, no witnesses or suspects were present or have ever been found.

Yet, it could be a robbery that went wrong, but Mr. Rich was an innocent bystander in the entire case. However, no one will ever know who killed him. Seth Rich was either the victim of a botched robbery but not the intended target or his murder was orchestrated from the beginning. Why doesn’t the family and the Far Left media as well as the Democrats want to accept that the Seth Rich murder could be related to Seth Rich’s work at the DNC, well it could be due to the fact that they still believe Russia hacked the DNC because Clinton lost. One thing we will never know is that the Far Left wants to use disinformation campaigns in order to target conservatives and Republicans.