The Fake News Media Thinks Kim Dotcom Hacked One of Seth Rich’s Email Accounts

With no evidence or proof, self-described email and cyber security experts think and believe that Kim Dotcom or someone from Mega.NZ tried to hack one of Seth Rich’s email account. Clearly, these people have no proof of any hacking. The family thinks fake evidence was trying to be planted, and they think and believe that it was a malicious attack. Again, there is no proof of anything trying to being hacked.

From a Political Hack who clearly doesn’t know anything about cyber security,

And, this is from someone who interviewed Kim Dotcom and knows something about cyber security,

But, the majority of people do know a little bit of cyber security. In fact, as I know, if you register for an online service you will have to enter a valid email address to sign up. Now, if the email address is publicly known, then someone else could sign up that person. However, when someone signs up for an online service, an email might be sent to that email address, and this is done to confirm you actually own the account. So, in reality, it is not actually hacking. Kim Dotcom said the same thing in an exclusive to the International Business TimesĀ Kim Dotcom: An open letter to Seth Rich’s family regarding hacking claims.

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