Bill De Blasio to Shut Down Rikers Island

Recently, Mayor Bill De Blasio, the liberal, progressive, socialist, and communist mayor of New York City has decided to close the notorious Rikers Island jail. De Blasio’s plan to close the jail will happen over a ten-year period, which could be due to the lack of getting approval for new construction areas by the people. All of a sudden, De Blasio decided he wanted to close Rikers Island, saying before a viable pathway does not exist, so why now does he want to close it. Well, the reason why he wants it close is because of a recently published report written by former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman who stated Rikers Island is  “a stain on our great city” and recommended “without hesitation or equivocation, permanently ending the use of Rikers Island as a jail facility in any form or function.” Yet, this does not make any sense because the proposed report was supposed to be released today and not on Friday, and some people say that the mayor just wanted to take credit for the proposed plan. This plan is yet another attempt to demonize the police and members of law enforcement, since the plan calls for substantially reducing the amount of correction officers from 10,500 down to 3,700.

Not only is this report terrible, but the proposed plans will be a waste of money, because replacing Rikers Island would cost an estimated $10.6 billion but five new jails will just have to be built just to replace it. Any previous or existing jails within the three boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx would be torn down and will be re-built on city-owned property within the boroughs of Queens and Staten Island. This proposed report also calls for replacing Rikers Island with another runway for LaGuardia International Airport, an “energy-from-waste facility,” a sewage-treatment plant and a “large-scale solar energy installation.” This proposed plan is also bad for America because it proposes putting half of all current inmates on the streets by releasing them to complete supervised probation programs. Not only is this report troubling, but it is also wrong on so many levels.

Releasing half of the current jail population of Rikers Island is a bad and wrong idea, as many of those people could be considered hardened criminals who do not belong on the streets. Instead, they must be kept in jail or be transferred to a prison, but if they are actually innocent of their alleged crime, then they should be released. So, the bottom line here is how is the city going to finance this? The most likely proposal would be taxes and possibly by grants and loans by the federal government. But, since this current administration in New York City opposes the new Trump administration on everything, it is likely that no federal grants or loans will be issued to the city of New York, because De Blasio is a lawless mayor who openly supports illegal immigration because he and other democrats believe illegal immigrants can be classified into the same category as legal immigrants. An open border society is wrong for America because you won’t know who is who. Provided that immigrants have the proper papers, they still could be false and or fabricated documents, so that is why there needs to be vetting by the origin state as well as from the United States of America, just to make sure that everything is real and that the person is not a threat to society.