Susan Rice is the Alleged Unmasker

Update (9:30 pm): CNN says the accusation is false, according to a source known to Jim Sciutto. This is no surprise that CNN is trying to save and protect one of their own. CNN is claiming it is a false report, and this is no surprise, because many of the mainstream media networks are part of the Democratic Party and the DNC, and so if it does not fit their narrative then they claim it is false. The DNC, Democratic Party, and the Leftist media support their own type of propaganda and they want everyone to believe it.


Reports have surfaced that liar and Obama propaganda supporter/spin doctor Susan Rice is the one who illegally unmasked Trump’s campaign team and his associates. Let’s remember that this is the same Susan Rice who blamed  the Benghazi terrorist attack on a video, but in reality, she and the rest of the Obama administration used that excuse to find a patsy. The entire Obama administration knew the Benghazi terrorist attack was not because of a video, as they knew it was a pre-planned attack. Now, Susan Rice will have to explain herself. Susan Rice was incompetent during her time as the National Security Adviser and as the UN Ambassador from the United States of America.


Intelligence Unmasking Trump Campaign

Adam Housley from Fox News that the person who unmasked Trump and or members of his campaign team was very high up in the Obama Administration, presumably in the West Wing of the White House.

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