One Leaker By The Name Of Reality Winner Arrested For Leaking Classified Document

Some one by the name of Reality Leigh Winner decided to leak an NSA document to the Intercept. Reality Winner thinks she might be a winner, but she needs a reality check because she is not a winner. This person by the name of Reality does not really like President Trump, and as you can see below, Reality Winner tweeted under the pseudonym known as Sara Winners.  But before you try to decipher her name, why did Reality Winner decide to leak NSA documents? Well, the answer is because she hated Trump and believed him to be someone who is ineligible to be President. Now, let’s look at her name, and as you can she, her name is Reality Winner, but Reality Winner tweets under the name Sara Winners. Either this person changed her name to Reality Winner for some type of purpose or motive or it could be that she did not want to be known as Sara anymore. Whatever the reason is, if Sara is her actual birth name, then it is surely better than Reality. Reality Winner is a strange name.

And then it is revealed that Reality Winner supports the terrorist state of Iran,

What we have here is someone who thought she covered her crimes, but her leak did not even reveal anything new. Still, the Political Left still says it shows Russia attacking the election, but there is no support for this.