Leftist 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Blocks Extreme Vetting Executive Order Again

The Far Left Anti-Constitution Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based in the communist, socialist, and Marxist state of California has decided to block Trump’s extreme vetting executive order yet again. We all knew this outcome would probably happen, as all three of those judges were appointed by Democrats. The Ninth Circuit even cited one of Trump’s tweet, but these judges and the rest of the Leftists do not understand the importance of national security and protecting the country from danger.

Now, the state of Hawaii has reportedly sent their court filing to the Supreme Court on Monday, June 12, 2017, which can be read here Hawaii asks Supreme Court to block Trump travel ban. Yet, it won’t surprise you as they don’t and never have supported the extreme vetting executive order. The Supreme Court might rule on the executive order as early as this week, and they also could reverse the decisions made by the appeals court. In other words, the Supreme Court would uphold the extreme vetting executive, thus, it will be enacted.