Democrats And Leftists Call For Gun Control Again After Another Shooting

Democrats and Leftists have called for gun control yet again after a sharpshooter decided to shoot Republicans and law enforcement officials during baseball practice for an upcoming Congressional baseball game. One of the first people to call for gun control is Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who made up a false claim that 93 million people a day are lost to gun violence. Only one member of Congress, Steve Scalise, was shot. Three other people were shot, as well as the gun man, which includes two law enforcement officials and a congressional staffer.

The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson who was a 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter and has now been confirmed dead according to the Daily Caller and President Donald Trump. Now the Leftists will attempt to politicize anything, and they are calling to take away your right to bear arms again. The Democrats seem to think that gun control is always the answer, but the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the bill of the rights of the constitution.

Here you have Leftist people on twitter calling for gun control,

Gunman’s Facebook Page