Political Left Falsely Labels GOP Healthcare Bill As A Tax Cut For The Wealthy

The Democrats and the Leftists in Congress keep on falsely saying that the GOP healthcare bill is a tax cut for the wealthy. The GOP healthcare bill is meant to repeal the bad Affordable Care Act law passed by Democrats and signed into law by Obama. But, when you hear the Democrats and Leftists in Congress complain, they say that they want to help fix Obamacare, if the Republicans and Conservatives stop repealing it. You heard it right, the Democrats and Leftists in Congress do not want to repeal it, and they are only willing to work with Republicans and Conservatives if the repeal efforts stop. You see, that is obstruction, as the Democrats and Leftists know it is a bad law but they don’t want to replace it with something better. Instead, the Democrats and Leftists want a single-payer system.

Democrats and Leftists believe Obamacare is a good law but they are clearly delusional because it has increased premiums and more insurance companies have bailed out of the health insurance market in many cities and states. Some cities and or states only have about one insurer making it a single-payer system, and since that is the case in some markets, Americans don’t have a choice.