Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. By visiting our website you are giving us your consent that you are currently exploring the website, that you have accepted our privacy policy, and have accepted our terms and conditions.

What We Collect

We collect cookies and any information you give and or grant us.

What we use your information for

Your information will be used in order to help you on an individual basis to improve your experience. We want to improve our website by promoting your free speech rights. We want to improve customer service so that all experiences can be seen as having a positive relationship. We will process any information that you submit us. We will not sell any of your information; everything will be kept private.

Comment Policy
All comments are public and can be viewed on Disqus. All comments are subject to being monitored. When writing a comment, do not abuse your position of commenting. Any comment is subject to removal if it is deemed offensive.