Leftist 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Blocks Extreme Vetting Executive Order Again

The Far Left Anti-Constitution Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based in the communist, socialist, and Marxist state of California has decided to block Trump’s extreme vetting executive order yet again. We all knew this outcome would probably happen, as all three of those judges were appointed by Democrats. The Ninth Circuit even cited one of Trump’s tweet, but these judges and the rest of the Leftists do not understand the importance of national security and protecting the country from danger.

Now, the state of Hawaii has reportedly sent their court filing to the Supreme Court on Monday, June 12, 2017, which can be read here Hawaii asks Supreme Court to block Trump travel ban. Yet, it won’t surprise you as they don’t and never have supported the extreme vetting executive order. The Supreme Court might rule on the executive order as early as this week, and they also could reverse the decisions made by the appeals court. In other words, the Supreme Court would uphold the extreme vetting executive, thus, it will be enacted.

Puerto Rico

For the fifth time in its history the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico held a plebiscite to determine if the people wanted to become part of the United States of America. Now, the media will report that a staggering 97% voted to join the union by becoming the 51st state, but only 23% of the eligible voter population voted in the referendum. This vote is non-binding as Congress would have to determine if the island should become the 51st state. It is highly unlikely that Puerto Rico will become the 51st state, as Congress has more important things to do, but it is possible that it could become the 51st state in the future.

Let’s remember something, Puerto Rico is in too much debt and they will probably collapse financially if they don’t get their act together. Congress should pass legislation so that Puerto Rico and its population are not treated as a second-class territory and citizens of the United States of America. Puerto Rico and its people are already part of the United States of America and they should be treated the same as everyone else in the United States of America.

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Former FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey has complained about how former attorney general Loretta Lynch wanted to investigate the Clinton investigation, as Lynch only wanted the situation to be a matter and not a criminal investigation. As we know now and have always known, the Leftists under the Obama administration did not really want to investigate the Clinton scandal, as they were embarrassed about the situation. Lynch did not really want an investigation, as she believed nothing illegal and bad occurred. Lynch should have been impeached for not upholding the law and Comey should have resigned when Lynch referred to the Clinton criminal investigation as only a matter. In fact it was a matter, since there was really no criminal investigation being conducted. The criminal investigation was a sham, as the original intent of it was to cover up the crimes of Clinton by utilizing Leftists who don’t support the constitution and the bill of rights.

Anti-Sharia Law Protests

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, many of US cities held a march against Sharia Law. Now, the march against Sharia Law was organized to prevent and stop the spread of Sharia Law in the United States of America as well as to denounce every aspect of Sharia Law and what it stands for. However, that is not how the Left sees it, as they believe these rallies were Islamophobic and racist. You see, the Leftists who hate these marches against Sharia Law feel that Muslims and anyone who practices Islam are under attack. Muslims and people who practice Islam in the United States of America are not under attack. In fact, it is the Leftists who are attacking freedom and liberty as well as your pursuit of happiness, as the Leftists seek to destroy the bill of rights and the rest of the constitution.

So, what do you have here, well what you have here is that Leftists were actually protesting the marches against Sharia Law. Now, the Leftists won’t admit it, but what they are saying is that they support Sharia Law. Sharia Law has no place in the United States of America. Sharia Law should be outlawed in the United States of America. But, of course, you have these Leftists who want to replace the traditional founding principles and values of America with something that is incompatible with freedom and liberty. Let’s make it clear, the Leftists do not like the constitution and the bill of rights, so they want and seek to change the culture and law with something that represents oppression and suppression of freedom and liberty. That basically means the Leftists believe the founding and traditional cultures of America should be eliminated and replaced with something that supports radicalism, extremism, communism, socialism, and Marxism.

Of course, the Leftists have denounced the Anti-Sharia Law rallies and have called them anti-Islam and anti-Muslim, but the rallies are neither. The marches against Sharia Law were rallies to denounce that Sharia Law is incompatible with the constitution, the bill of rights, freedom, and liberty in the United States of America. The Leftists want to hide the truth.

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One Leaker By The Name Of Reality Winner Arrested For Leaking Classified Document

Some one by the name of Reality Leigh Winner decided to leak an NSA document to the Intercept. Reality Winner thinks she might be a winner, but she needs a reality check because she is not a winner. This person by the name of Reality does not really like President Trump, and as you can see below, Reality Winner tweeted under the pseudonym known as Sara Winners.  But before you try to decipher her name, why did Reality Winner decide to leak NSA documents? Well, the answer is because she hated Trump and believed him to be someone who is ineligible to be President. Now, let’s look at her name, and as you can she, her name is Reality Winner, but Reality Winner tweets under the name Sara Winners. Either this person changed her name to Reality Winner for some type of purpose or motive or it could be that she did not want to be known as Sara anymore. Whatever the reason is, if Sara is her actual birth name, then it is surely better than Reality. Reality Winner is a strange name.

And then it is revealed that Reality Winner supports the terrorist state of Iran,

What we have here is someone who thought she covered her crimes, but her leak did not even reveal anything new. Still, the Political Left still says it shows Russia attacking the election, but there is no support for this.

California Decides To Not Follow The Constitution By Signing An Agreement With China

The Communist, Socialist, and Marxist state of California has decided to sign an agreement with the country of China. Now, this is in regards to President Trump taking the United States out of the unconstitutional Paris climate agreement. As we all know, the Political Left does not respect the constitution, so they decide to bypass it and go instead to the globalist United Nations. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, also has no respect for the constitution, as he signed California into some type of climate agreement with China. This climate agreement is not only illegal but it is also unconstitutional, yet the Political Left just does not care about the constitution. Well, let’s see here, as it does look like California and Jerry Brown actually did something illegal and unconstitutional. And as you can read here, the Political Left states even threatened to unconstitutionally enter the Paris Climate Agreement . But, as we know already, any agreement has to be authorized by the Senate, as it is the Senate’s responsibility to enter into and ratify international.treaties.

As you can see below, the Political Left state of California and Governor Jerry Brown is in violation of the following:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

As you can see, this new agreement between California and China is a treaty, alliance, and or a confederation because California signed an accord with China, and as we know, that power is only authorized by the Senate.

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Evergreen College Nonsense From Political Far Left Social Justice Warriors

The social justice warrior snowflakes at Evergreen State College demanded that White people not be on campus, and why, because these social justice warrior snowflakes hate White people. These social justice warrior snowflakes are students who have no knowledge of reality and how the real world functions. They do not want to face the truth as they think it should be against the law. These students who often cry wolf are nothing but cry babies and now they want a video to be taken down of them chanting. These social justice warrior snowflakes want to block people they disagree with because they can’t handle the truth.

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Hillary Clinton Blames Everyone Except Herself

Hillary Clinton decided to blame everyone bur herself when speaking at an event. She even says the DNC did not help her enough. Well, she is just making up excuses, because we know that the DNC rigged the primary elections for her, yet Clinton still makes up excuses and complains.

Story Developing…

Bill de Blasio Staffer Arrested, Federal Prosecutor Found Dead In Debbie Wassermann-Schultz District

A staffer for Bill de Blasio was arrested on having lewd and obscene photos/videos of children performing sexual acts. Jacob Schwartz was said to be an up-and-coming Democratic leader for the Democratic Party. Schwartz gave his computer to law enforcement officials so that it can be searched, and he did he voluntarily so he didn’t fight it. Now, his father stated it was a personal tragedy, indicating he is most likely going through a very traumatic experience. But Schwartz’s father also had his own problems with the law. In the meantime, De Blasio terminated the employment of Jacob Schwartz immediately.

All we can say is that this staffer should spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.

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Meanwhile, a federal prosecutor in Florida was found dead, who was responsible for investigating passport/visa fraud. Brandon J. Whisenant, Jr. was found by some random person on a beach in Hollywood, Florida. It is still uncertain why he was dead, but it look likes it could be a homicide, and possibly a violent kidnapping or something like that. The district that the federal prosecutor works in is the same district as Debbie Wassermann-Schultz.

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How To Solve A Crime

Recently, the Far Left Media and the Political Left continue to spew the fake news conspiracy theory that Russia was involved in hacking with the 2016 Presidential election to get Trump elected as President. Now, even Democrats admit no evidence exists that Russia colluded or was involve with the meddling of the 2016 elections. Yet, the partisan hacks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC still believe that somehow Trump colluded with Russia so that Clinton would lose. There is no evidence of Russians meddling with the voting machines or hacking anything related to the 2016 elections.

The DNC and the RNC are not the governing bodies who are responsible for sponsoring the elections. No, because the parties that are responsible for sponsoring the elections are the individual states and their local municipalities. Even though when presented with evidence that Russia was most likely not involved in messing with the election, the Far Left still says other wise, even though the Russian narrative has been debunked by Obama appointees. Nevertheless, the Far Left still continues with this fake Russian narrative, only because of what Crowd Strike said. Remember folks, the FBI was not allowed to investigate the DNC computers because the DNC was confident it was Russia.

So, where does that leave us, well the DNC emails that ended up on Wikileaks was probably an inside job. Let’s remember there were four types of data and security breaches that could be due to hacking and or leaking of the information.

  1. Democratic Caucus Leaks
  2. Democratic National Committee Leaks
  3. The Podesta Emails
  4. Clinton Foundation

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Now, there is no evidence that Russia was involved in all three of these data breaches, but the Far Left still wants to pin everything on Russia because their candidate lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump. Yet, when you say Seth Rich could have been involved as a leaker, you will get shut down or censored by the Far Left media and partisan hacks, as they believe Russia was responsible for everything, and they call you a conspiracy theorist. Well, here is something wrong with that: there is no evidence of Russian meddling, collusion, or interference in the 2016 Presidential election but they still keep on pushing it. Even if the Russians tried to interfere it did not work, but now they also blame RT or Russia Today, which is financed by Putin, yet many of the hosts on that channel are liberals who only want to get to the bottom of things. Some of the reporters and contributors even have a Far Left understanding of the constitution. So, in reality, Russia Today and Russia did not really do anything to get Trump elected, but it is well-known they probably hate Clinton, yet if Clinton won the election Putin would have no problem with Clinton being the president. Read Here About Russia Today

And now, that gets us to the main story of how to solve a crime:

  1. Gather all relevant information
  2. Interview possible witnesses, persons of interests, and or suspects and confront them with the information and or   evidence gathered from phase 1
  3. Conduct re-enactments if necessary
  4. Develop theories and or opinions of what might have happened or occurred
  5. Interview people again and confront them with new information
  6. Attempt to solve the crime by including all evidence and relevant information, including from suspects, persons of     interests, and witnesses, as well as possible theories of what might have occurred and any possible motives

Now, it is that step that involves the development of theories of what might have occurred that gets the Far Left media and partisan hacks angry at when you want to solve the Seth Rich murder. The reason the Political Left gets angry at you and wants to shut you down is because they want to blame Russia and they hate Trump. No evidence exists that Russia got Trump elected, and yet the Political Left still wants to blame Russia. The Russian narrative is an actual conspiracy theory because no evidence exists, but the media and the Political Left wants you to believe that Russia was involved because they want to impeach Trump and because their candidate lost. Without including all relevant theories, you won’t be able to solve a crime.

So, if trying to solve a murder by trying to include all possible and relevant information, including potential or alternative leads is considered a conspiracy theory, then what is the hope and or reason for solving a crime? In order to solve this murder of Seth Rich, we must look at the possibility of Seth Rich being a leaker to Wikileaks. All leads must be explored.